Heading Out Soon

Today Marc and I are heading up to Mokpo to start our non-Jindo-based vacation.  Yesterday we were going to go to Wando, but the weather didn’t seem good enough, so we just went to Gagye beach here instead.  Due to stuff with trains, etc, and me having to pack up my apartment for the move, we decided to make today a leisurely one and we’ll be heading up to Mokpo this afternoon, and we’ll catch both Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight this afternoon/evening.  Tomorrow we’ll hopefully be heading up to Chuncheon, via Seoul.  I’m definitely excited about getting to visit Gangwon province, since it’s about as opposite from Jindo as you can get in Korea.

We’re planning on seeing some of the Korean War sights, since we’re both reenactors of that period, and we’re hoping to check out a temple or two.  We’ll spend a couple days in Gangwon and perhaps the province below it (I can’t recall the name at the moment), and then we’ll head to Seoul and the DMZ, before Marc flies out on Sunday.

I’m going to be pretty depressed for a couple days after he leaves, I suspect.  Thankfully, I work an English camp immediately after he leaves, but I only work for an hour and a half a day (I’m off by 10:30), so I can use that time to relax and maybe go to the beach, rather than just building stress while working.  After that week, I go up to Damyang to teach at a teacher’s camp for two weeks.  The facilities are really nice, and I’ll be surrounded by other foreigners, so it should help my mood.


Marc at Sangaysa Temple

Marc at Sangaysa Temple



For now, I’m just taking lots of photos of him, as it will give me something to look at during the 10 months before we meet again.  I’m a very visual person, and so having photos of the ones I love is very important to me.  I have strings of photos here in my apartment, so I have probably about 50 or 60 photos hanging up to remind me of home.


Marc at Namdoseokseong Fortress

Marc at Namdoseokseong Fortress


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