Left Behind

Well, Marc has gone.  His plane left an hour and a half ago from Incheon airport.  I’m very proud of myself that I didn’t cry.  I got a little choke-y at one point, but no tears.  I did cry last night a bit, but I figured it was better to do so while I had him around to hug me rather than at the airport, where I’d just be embarrassed.  I will definitely miss him a lot, but I figure that if I’m really, really lonely, I can always go back to DC for my vacation in February (or part of it).  I get the full month of February off, so I could take the first week to go to North Korea (I may be able to finagle that) and pack, and then take the other three to go back to DC.

I have realized that in fact what bothers me more than Marc leaving, in a way, is the loss of someone to talk to about stuff I enjoy, someone who knows me and my behavior, who knows my background and outside the context of Korea.  When he’s here, Korea doesn’t feel so alien, and I realized while he was here that what I miss is in fact the familiarity of the US, rather than the US itself, etc.  I think those last three months here in Korea are going to be hard, and so if I’m feeling particularly frustrated, I may just go back to the US for a little while to help with that.

I took this photo on Friday while we were taking a break from wandering around the fabric market, and I like his expression.  I also think it’s cute that he’s wearing his shirt from when he used to work for the Arlington Police Department and sitting in a donut shop, but that’s just me.  He can be very photogenic, and has a good sense of what he looks like in front of the camera, and has a nice smile.  He’s easy to take a good photo of, which makes me happy.



Marc at a Donut Shop

Marc at a Donut Shop


Anyway, that’s all for now.


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