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Definitely a “Doh!” moment…

Boy, I feel l ike a doof.

I misread my schedule and slept through an entire class I was supposed to teach.

Every afternoon here at JETI, there is one “open period” that the trainees go to for listening practice.  It is after lunch, so that if a trainee is 5min late after lunch or whatnot, it’s not as bad as if they missed the beginning of a class.  I had looked at the schedule this morning and seen “Oh, my class is at last period.” from 4-5.  In fact, I checked and re-checked this several times, both before lunch and before my post-lunch nap.  Well, today they flopped when the open period was, from the one after lunch (1-2) to the one before dinner (4-5), and thus, because of the swap of the open period, the last class was at 3, not 4.  >.<

There are two doors to my room here (there’s sort of an entrance-way that is closed off), and though they banged on the outside one, I was sleeping away inside, in peace and quiet.  I went to the classroom at 4pm, and my students were sitting there with a look of “WTF?!?  Where were you?!” on their faces.  Oops.  I felt really bad, and apologized profusely, and went to find the program coordinator and the foreign teacher organizer.  Apparently they had been looking all over for me, and while they weren’t what I’d call pissed, per se, they were a little unhappy.  Another teacher had apparently come and taken over the class, and so they ended up paying her for the class rather than me, which was fine with me.  I again apologized profusely, and hopefully my gaffe won’t be the topic of discussion at the dinner table tonight.

Supply trip!

Went into Gwangju yesterday afternoon to go to HomePlus and pick up some food, a smaller suitcase (for weekend trips), and some other assorted goodies.  I am now the darling of the camp because I have a big ol’ box of instant coffee (which is actually astoundingly good here in Korea), and a big bag of Snickers minis that I dole out to those who help me with stuff like translating (most of the other teachers have been here a goodly amount of time and can speak decent Korean).  I also got two massive bags of high-calorie dog treats (high-calorie because most of them need to *gain* weight not *lose* it) which I will be giving out to the various nearby strays back in Jindo.  There’s a stray here too, a sweet white Jindo girl who looks like she’s had puppies at some point, and so I’ll be giving her some as well.  I also may use them to help me lure that stray back in Jindo home.

I also bought a hunk of cheddar while there.  I hadn’t had cheese in almost three months!  When I took a bite, I realized that I had almost forgotten what cheese tasted like!  What horror!  I think Marc’s mother would be scandalized, haha.  I will be going by again before I leave in 2 weeks, to pick up some cheese to take back home to Jindo.  They had brie!  BRIE!  And emmentaler, camembert, and boursin.  It’s phenomenally expensive (my hunk of cheddar cost me around $8!), but damnit, I must have my cheese!

Friday we have a field trip to….somewhere.  I haven’t been informed yet, in true Korean fashion.  We get back Friday afternoon, and then if the weather looks good, I think I’m going to go down to Wando for the weekend.  There are a couple teachers from there here at JETI, and even if none of them have a spare couch, I can at least follow them home and figure out how to get where I need to go.  Wando has one of the best beaches in the country supposedly, and I want to see what all the hubbub is about.

On a final, random note, the vocabulary of my students here is way, way, way higher than my students back in Jindo, and so I have found myself coming back to my room between classes to look up the etymology of words on wikipedia.  Man, English is one bizarre language.  Quite the melting pot indeed.

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