I wish I could say this was unusual…

My supervisor is INSANE

So, my school just moved me to a house that is 20 minutes drive from anywhere, including the bus terminal that I have to get to to go to several of my schools. One of the conditions of me letting them move me so far away was that they help me get a scooter, as without one, I am SOL and unable to teach. Naturally, I have to get a license for my scooter/motorcycle. The driving school is at 1pm on Tuesday, and is 3 hours. Unfortunately, on Tuesday afternoons I have a 1 hour teacher’s workshop that I teach, though it’s quite informal and borderline optional. The teachers said they would be okay with moving it, but the supervisor refused to let me move it. Instead, she wants me to take the driving class that is on Wednesday at 1pm, and since the driving hagwon is an hour away, and I would get back from the classes at 5pm, approximately the time that the paperwork is due at the police station, SHE HAS CALLED THE POLICE STATION AND ASKED THEM TO STAY OPEN LATER. This woman is insane. My co-teacher kept telling her on the phone “no, she cannot take the class that day – the paperwork is due that day” but she kept saying that she’d call and get the police station to stay open an extra hour. Yeah, enjoy that pipe dream while it lasts, lady. 

Anyway, just thought you’d enjoy an example of Korean insanity. 

*Edit: The story gets even better! They’re letting me take that day as a “sick day”, to go take the classes. They won’t move a 1 hour teacher’s workshop, but they’ll let me use a sick day to get out of a full day’s work. What the hell?


2 Responses to “I wish I could say this was unusual…”

  1. 1 Brian August 25, 2008 at 11:28 am

    I hated how most teachers would never show up to the workshop, and how it would get cancelled with little notice because people are “busy,” but the one time I tried to cancel b/c I actually was busy I was told no.

  2. 2 Driftingfocus August 25, 2008 at 11:39 am

    If I have *half* of the total teachers who are supposed to attend in attendance, I consider it a successful day. It’s pathetic.

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