This has probably been my most trying week here.  My most trying day was returning to Jindo from Seoul, having left Marc at the airport earlier that morning, but this week has just been, well, shitty.

My students, usually very happy to see me and excitable, have been taking out their frustration at having to come back to school on me by being virtually unresponsive in class.  Believe me, getting kids to talk is FAR more difficult than getting them to quiet down.  On Tuesday, I had a brain fart and thought I was teaching a different workshop than I was, and ended up arriving halfway through my teaching period, and then spent the next 1.5 hours getting not-so-subtle glares.  They were understandable (I had left them sitting there for an hour and a half), but made me feel like a crappy person.  Yesterday I had even more trouble with unmotivated students, and then during lunch, my co-teacher and co-workers were both talking about my scooter, and saying that I needed a license (I don’t, not really), even though they had never even seen so much as a picture.  It irritated me, and really raised my hackles.  My co-teacher actually at one point said “If I call the police and ask if you need a license, they will say yes.” I really wanted to say “Go ahead. If you take it away, I can’t come to teach at your school.” Instead, I just sat there angrily eating my rice.  I got up from the lunch table before everyone else, and I’m sure they were chittering away about it after I left.

The hardest thing about bad weeks like this is that I have a minimal support system.  I live a 15 minute drive from anyone else who speaks English, and even then, while I like the other foreigners here, I am not all that close to any of them.  Lisa, perhaps, but even then, I still remain relatively guarded.  If life isn’t going so well, the best I can generally do is blog about it.  So, here I am.

Hopefully this weekend will improve things.


1 Response to “Grah.”

  1. 1 Mom September 5, 2008 at 9:19 am

    Working with UHD these last couple of weeks makes me realize that when you’re having troubles, mine look like nothing! I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad week. I do hope that your weekend washes away the memory of the week.

    Lola has been having play mornings with Goldie, the new golden mix who lives in the big house next door. I think that we are pretty lucky to have nice people living there.

    Still hot here, but waiting for better weather, as usual.

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