School Attire

Some of you have asked what I wear at school, when teaching. So, for a week or two I’m going to take a shot while I’m at school, to show you.

Here’s last Friday’s:

School Attire - Sept. 5th

The only thing inaccurate (in terms of being atypical) in this shot is my shoes. Generally I wear a pair of indoor-only flats that I carry around in my storage compartment on my bike, as in Korea, you don’t wear “outside shoes” when you’re in a school/non-western restaurant/house. However, that day I had forgotten them, and all the “loaner” sandals that were even remotely my size had been already taken, so I was allowed to wear my own shoes for the day.

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  1. 1 Mom September 11, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Houston is looking like a pretty likely target for hurricane IKE. Schools and business will be closed on Friday and you never know, so we could be without power, though we have the generator now. We will try to keep in touch, but cell phone may be the only way. You could contact us through skype on the phone. If you are in Seoul this weekend, please update so we can know where you are in case of emergency.

    Take care wherever you are.

    Love you

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