The Good and The Bad

I have noticed something about my life here in Korea:  it is not always interesting, but it is rarely dull.  Things are rarely merely mediocre – either something about my day is great, or it is shitty.  Rarely is anything merely average.

Take today, for instance.  The good:  the weather is gorgeous, and it is market day.  The bad:  I am sick, and so cannot enjoy said weather, and my heater is out of oil and apparently all the oil delivery guys in Jindo take Sunday off, so I have no hot water.  Or, yesterday, for another example.  The good:  the weather was gorgeous, and I got to take “my dog” for a nice walk.  The bad:  I was sick, and so the whole day felt a little off, and I didn’t feel up to going to Mokpo with the other Jindo waygooks for the farewell festivities for one of them.  The really bad:  While said group was hiking, they came across a girl who had committed suicide on the trail by hanging herself, and they had to deal with the police all afternoon.  I wasn’t there, but I can imagine that it was rather traumatizing.  I have some experience with death, and I know that it can be a pretty profound thing to come in contact with, for most.

So, you see, things are rarely “normal” here.  Not necessarily “interesting”, but decidedly polarized.


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