Another week gone by…

So one of my schools had a school picnic yesterday.  We went on a short boat tour around one side of the island, then came back and had lunch.  Normally I don’t attend school functions, but I really like this particular school, and the students are fun, so I went.  Plus, my co-teacher at that school is the head teacher (the person just below the vice principal) and lets me go after my classes are done at noon, so I want to make sure to stay on his good side.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day.  Even though the kids at that school are fun and generally well-behaved, it’s still tiring, and hearing “sung nim!” (teacher!) every 5 seconds does get a little old.  It was a pretty day though, except for the haze, so that was nice.  Plus, hey, a day off from work is never a bad thing!

I spent the rest of the day wandering around Jindo, and did some laundry.  In the evening, I went with the other foreigners to see Lisa off to the airport.  It’s very strange to look at someone and know that you will never see them again, in all likelihood.  But, I will write more about that later.  For now, have a photo of the bridge to Jindo, which I took from the back of the boat:

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