Come on, say it with me: “awwww…”

This woman is quite possibly my favourite “character” here in Jindo.  She can barely walk (hence the big pole in her hand), and she does virtually everything from her scooter.  She has a Jindo who is extremely loyal and protective of her (he wags his tail and licks her, but growls at anyone who approaches her unless she says the person is okay) who rides around everywhere with her, on the scooter.  Jindos are known for extreme loyalty, and this is a perfect example.  I think they’d make excellent service dogs, personally.

When he was a puppy, riding around with him was relatively easy, but now that he is growing up (he must be almost a year old now, since she got him at 6 months) it is a bit more complicated. He dutifully rides along though, and it is absolutely adorable. Here are some recent photos:

2 Responses to “Come on, say it with me: “awwww…””

  1. 1 Emster August 28, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Hi, I am fascinated with your pictures of Jindo dogs.
    I was wondering where u take the pictures from.
    Are those pics taken at a shelter? Jindo dogs looks all so cute and somehow sad befind the rusty bars..

    Are u still in South Korea?

  2. 2 Driftingfocus August 28, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    I haven’t been in Korea for a few years. I lived on Jindo Island for a year, and the photos are all from visiting various Jindo breeders and also some of the strays around the island, of which there are many.

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