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The Human Popsicle

Oh my god. That was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life, I think.

I drove my motorcycle to school in this:


(that’s actually yesterday’s snow, but today was the same, possibly even harder) 

My WWII German parka got its trial-by-fire, and by the time I got to school, the formerly gray parka was completely white in front. Snow was plastered to my entire front, and I had to wipe off the front of my facemask every 5 seconds. I wish I had a photo, I must have looked hilarious.

In my defense, it wasn’t snowing until about 5 minutes into my 20 minute drive, so I had no idea.  I would not normally drive a bike in conditions like that.

Even wearing two pair of dense wool socks as gloves while I was driving, my fingertips still hurt, after 10 minutes in a heated room.

Here’s a video of the snow.  It’s choppy, but you’ll get a basic idea:


Considering I live on “that island with the dogs”, this was bound to happen eventually:


Yep, I finally got bitten.  It was due to my own stupidity, really.  Most Jindos, I have found, bark out of fear, and so when you step forward and show that you are not afraid of them, they actually begin to wag their tails and will come forward to meet you.  There’s a Jindo that I walk past almost every day that barks at my every time, and he seemed like the type that was in fact just “playing at” being a guard dog.  So, on Friday, I decided to step forward, rather than continue walking by.

Wrong decision.

The dog lunged forward and before I could take a full step back, gave me what I suspect was meant to be a “warning nip” on the back of my left knee.  When I had backed up a few feet, I looked down at my pants leg, and there wasn’t even a tear in the fabric, so I assumed I was okay.  Nope.  About 50 yards later, I could feel something wet on my calf, and pulled up my pants leg and discovered two dripping holes.  The good thing, at least, is that since the fabric didn’t tear, there was no way for any fabric to get into the wound, which is a major cause of infections.

I went back to my apartment, dropped off my bags (I had been at the market), and headed out to the hospital.  After sitting in the waiting room for 15 minutes, I was told that I had to go to a different hospital, and they pointed me in the right direction.

I finally found that hospital, and after waiting for about 10 minutes, they finally saw me.  They cleaned out the wound with iodine, and then stuffed two iodine-soaked gauze pads into the holes, and then wrapped the whole thing in a big bandage.  I also got a tetanus shot and either a penicillin or rabies shot, and a big bag of antibiotics to take (5 different pills, 3 times a day) and was told to come back every day until Monday to have the wound checked and re-cleaned, and that then on Monday or Tuesday, once they were sure the wound was clean, they would give me a few stitches in each of the wounds to close them up.

Well, I went back yesterday, but nobody had told me that the hospital closes at 2pm, so I ended up re-dressing the holes myself with peroxide and neosporin.  I will be going back today though, before noon, just to make sure that I get there in time.  I can’t believe I live in a town where the emergency room closes at 2pm on weekends.  What about all those farmers here who accidentally cut off a toe or something at, say, 3?  Korea is weird.

Anyway.  It’s less painful than it looks, though it is most definitely in an awkward location, to be sure.


So, when I left Gunnae this morning it was merely cloudy. About 5 minutes into my 15 minute scooter drive to Goseong, it started pouring down rain. I now get to teach while drenched (mental note: leave a shirt here in case this happens in the future), and was just introduced to the new principal and vice principal while soaked. >.< Not the best first impression of a foreign teacher.

I really need to buy a raincoat. Really, really do.

Definitely a “Doh!” moment…

Boy, I feel l ike a doof.

I misread my schedule and slept through an entire class I was supposed to teach.

Every afternoon here at JETI, there is one “open period” that the trainees go to for listening practice.  It is after lunch, so that if a trainee is 5min late after lunch or whatnot, it’s not as bad as if they missed the beginning of a class.  I had looked at the schedule this morning and seen “Oh, my class is at last period.” from 4-5.  In fact, I checked and re-checked this several times, both before lunch and before my post-lunch nap.  Well, today they flopped when the open period was, from the one after lunch (1-2) to the one before dinner (4-5), and thus, because of the swap of the open period, the last class was at 3, not 4.  >.<

There are two doors to my room here (there’s sort of an entrance-way that is closed off), and though they banged on the outside one, I was sleeping away inside, in peace and quiet.  I went to the classroom at 4pm, and my students were sitting there with a look of “WTF?!?  Where were you?!” on their faces.  Oops.  I felt really bad, and apologized profusely, and went to find the program coordinator and the foreign teacher organizer.  Apparently they had been looking all over for me, and while they weren’t what I’d call pissed, per se, they were a little unhappy.  Another teacher had apparently come and taken over the class, and so they ended up paying her for the class rather than me, which was fine with me.  I again apologized profusely, and hopefully my gaffe won’t be the topic of discussion at the dinner table tonight.

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