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Another reminder: This blog has moved here.

Attention! Important! Blogroll Notice!

So, I have come to realize that it is a pain to try and crosspost my Korea blog entries between my main blog and this one.  So, I have decided to basically abandon this one.

I may occasionally post here, but from now on, please change your links to reflect my new address.  If you want to link to ONLY my Korea posts, you may use this link, which sorts out everything but my Korea posts.

So, again:



Public Service Announcement

At the request of a few folks, I have created a new blog, hosted on my own server, which integrates posts from a few of my blogs, and this is one of them.

Basically, I have several separate wordpress blogs because many people are only interested in one aspect of my life (teachers read my teaching blog for lesson plans, other Korean expats read my Korea blog, and various people read my personal blog, etc, etc).  It makes it easy for folks who don’t want to have to scroll past a post about my own life, etc.

However, some people *are* interested in all aspects, or at least more than one, and so I have made a new blog on which I post my entries from the most relevant/popular of my other blogs.  The default view is to see everything, but if you want, the categories at the top sift the blog into only posts from a particular wordpress blog.

You are welcome to continue reading this blog, but if you are also interested in getting a broader picture of my life, I would recommend checking out the new one instead, as it will contain not only my posts from here, but from a few other of my blogs as well.

The new blog is HERE.


Sorry I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been feeling vehemently anti-Korea recently due to some stuff at work, and in the interests of not being completely negative on this blog, I have just opted not to post.  But, there will be some stuff soon.  I promise.


Sorry I have not updated in…forever.  I have sort of gotten myself into a rut (a good rut, but a rut nonetheless), and I often forget to post.

I had my birthday last Monday, the 29th.  I’m 25 now.  It’s pretty weird, having your birthday in a foreign country, but it was also kind of interesting, as well.  I haven’t had any sort of birthday “celebration” in at least 2, probably more like 3 or 4 years, and somehow, being around friends I know less well made it more comfortable for me to do so.  Among my friends back in the states, we all know each other so well that nobody ever really does much for birthdays – we just get together, hang out, eat, etc.  Not all that much different from any other gathering, really.  Here though, since we’re all drawn together from completely random backgrounds, it’s easier to have more of a traditional “party”, for some reason.

Surreal News


So, rumors abound that Kim Jong-il has had a serious stroke (this one seems pretty confirmed), or perhaps is even dead and has been replaced by body-doubles.

Things could get very interesting here, very soon.

Reunification, if it were to happen, while ultimately eventually a good thing, could seriously cripple South Korea for a very long time, and, consequently, have a major effect on Asia and the world in general, as well. Though, seeing the end of the last Stalinist state in the world could be very, very interesting.

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