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The Human Popsicle

Oh my god. That was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life, I think.

I drove my motorcycle to school in this:


(that’s actually yesterday’s snow, but today was the same, possibly even harder) 

My WWII German parka got its trial-by-fire, and by the time I got to school, the formerly gray parka was completely white in front. Snow was plastered to my entire front, and I had to wipe off the front of my facemask every 5 seconds. I wish I had a photo, I must have looked hilarious.

In my defense, it wasn’t snowing until about 5 minutes into my 20 minute drive, so I had no idea.  I would not normally drive a bike in conditions like that.

Even wearing two pair of dense wool socks as gloves while I was driving, my fingertips still hurt, after 10 minutes in a heated room.

Here’s a video of the snow.  It’s choppy, but you’ll get a basic idea:

Some recent videos…

So, I figured I’d post some of the video clips I made this weekend.  Enjoy.


This is the village I live in.  That video shows the main (only?) road.


That’s part of one of the ways I can get home from work.


This was video taken on a sidestreet in Jindo Eup, the county seat and main/biggest town on the island.


Some footage while driving near my house.  This starts off about 3 minutes from my house, and is of a road I drive all the time.


These videos were taken by putting my camera around my neck/shoulder and resting it on my camera bag, behind me, as I drove, hence why it looks “backwards”.

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