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Make it stop…

The Koreans are having a farewell party two floors below my room here, and they have been drinking and singing karaoke for the last…5 hours. They have been singing so loudly that I can hear the lyrics through my floor.

Did I somehow magically transport back to my first year of college? Oh, no, that’s right, Koreans have the maturity levels and behavioral patterns of college freshmen when you put bottles of soju in their hands.

Plus, I am so tired of being treated as if I’m some sort of social pariah for turning down offers of soju, or more than a first cup of beer. I don’t particularly enjoy getting drunk, and I definitely don’t enjoy the way Koreans socialize when they drink, and I really wish that they would just stop pestering me when I say “no thank you, I’m fine”. Maybe I should start telling them it’s “against my beliefs” or that “I don’t deal well with alcohol”, or something, just to get them to go away. I can’t exactly say “You turn into irritating teenagers when you drink, so the reason I’m only having one beer is so I can get out of here as quickly as possible without completely offending you.” to them, but man, sometimes I really, really want to.

Okay, sorry, just had to get that out.

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